Pescetarian Diet Pros and Cons – My Personal Experience

Pescetarian Diet Pros and Cons

If you didn’t already know a Pescetarian diet is a diet that doesn’t allow meats except for fish and seafood. Undoubtedly this diet is similar to a vegetarian diet but with the minor adjustment of allowing seafood. As someone myself who has tried a lot of different diets out there this was definitely one I wanted to try for myself because I liked the small twist it had.

With this diet the way I see it myself is you avoid more of “worse for you” kind of meats like pork and red meats. Avoiding these meat products basically means a healthier diet overall. As for adding the fish into the diet it is seen as a massive boost for vitamins and minerals and a host of other benefits like omega 3’s that are common in fish like salmon.

When I first thought about trying the diet these where the first things that came to my mind. But after some more research and trying out the diet myself I want to point out some things that maybe you didn’t think of before. Below is my list of pros and cons for my own research and experience.


As I mentioned before cutting out red meat out of your diet is just a great plus. This is because red meat is high in saturated fat and that should be avoided when possible. Even some commercially farmed meats that aren’t organic can contain hormones which again isn’t something you want to be eating often if not at all.

You shouldn’t be worried about getting enough protein, 1 portion of seafood a day will be plenty for most people plus the added bonus with some vegies.

General vitamins/minerals intake should be higher because of a more focused plant diet eating more vegies than meat usually. Also, as I mentioned before fish like salmon are high in omega 3 which is something that all of use would benefit from.  Omega 3 can help a host of problem like arthritis, depression, asthma and many more which you can read about more here.

If you are the type of person that is interested in a vegetarian diet but still wanted to get plenty of protein this diet could be an excellent alternative.


Some kinds of fish can be higher in toxins like mercury which you want to avoid eating. Some fish that are low in mercury which I would recommend are salmon, tuna, shrimp etc.

If you are substituting proteins on this diet with bean, peas etc. this can boost your carbohydrate levels which you should avoid if you are wanting to lose weight.

Pescetarian Diet Pros and Cons – Conclusion

Overall, I really like this diet because in my opinion you get best of both worlds when it comes to nutrition and you can also eat dairy and eggs if you like.

The diet is quite flexible and finding meals that meet your criteria should be relatively easy especially when compared with diets like paleo which sometimes can be a pain to find meals when eating out and everything has to be made at home usually. Whereas with this diet you have more flexibility, so I personally think it’s a nice medium.


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