Nitric Oxide Food Chart

If you didn’t already know nitric oxide is one of the more important molecules in the body that benefits blood vessel health. It helps keep vessels open and flowing. This in turn helps reduce blood pressure, lower risk of artery blockage and lowering the chance of a stroke. It will also benefit erectile function for both men and women. So, nitric oxide does have a lot of clear benefits but what foods help increase it in the body.

People often ask what ask – what are foods high in nitric oxide or what food are rich in nitric oxide. This the wrong type of question to ask, instead how it works is these foods have some element or another substance which will have a sort of chain reaction which will end up producing more nitric oxide in your body. I will explain it further in each of the examples.

Below is my Nitric Oxide Food Chart of food which will help with your Nitric oxide production.

Nitric Oxide Food Chart – My Top 5 Recommendations

Citrus Fruits

The logic with this is that citrus fruits contain high amounts of vitamin c, the vitamin c has been proven to keep your nitric oxide molecules from getting damaged from a thing called free radicals in the blood.

The vitamin c will also directly boost the amount of nitric oxide synthase in the blood this is the enzyme which converts another thing in called L-arginine into nitric oxide which is exactly what you want. While I have focused on citrus fruit any fruit or vegetable with high vitamin c will follow this exact same pattern.


Walnuts are high in vitamin e which is a great vitamin for a healthy heart. Also, they are high in the L-arginine which just like the vitamin c effect will boost the nitric oxide in your blood.



Just like citrus fruits watermelon is a good source of vitamin c which will help just as I explained in the citrus fruits section above. Although alongside this benefit there is a thing called L-citrulline which will get converted into L-arginine which as mentioned before will boost your nitric oxide in your blood.

The great thing about L-citrulline is that it is absorbed well into the blood stream and is one of the best choices for boosting your nitric oxide as it acts as a sort of 2 in one deal! Watermelon is definitely one of the best foods that increase nitric oxide.


While garlic doesn’t have any nitrates directly in it, it has the capability of boosting its production. This is done by a thing called NOS (nitric oxide synthase). It helps convert the L-arginine into the nitric oxide in the blood.

So, in a sense it basically will help enhance the benefits of the other foods I have mentioned. Garlic has also been proven to help lower blood pressure, so you also get that added benefit when taking it as well.


Seafood that is wild and natural/organic usually comes high in a thing called CoQ10. CoQ10 directly contributes to boost the nitric oxide in the blood.

The best fish options are sardines and mackerel, though there are other food options as well like peanuts and soy oil which are a good option also.


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