How To Lower SHBG for Females

How To Lower SHBG Female

SHBG is short for sex hormone binding globulin which is a protein made from the liver.

The SHBG binds to sex hormones which can affect the levels of testosterone in the blood. For men this can lead to problems when the testosterone is too low whereas the opposite is true with women where having a high amount can be problematic.

Here we are focusing on lowering the SHBG levels for women though the same changes should be effective for both men and women in normalizing your SHBG levels.

How To Lower SHBG Female – Top 3 Options

#1 Protein

There is a high chance that if your SHBG levels are high you are not eating enough protein. For an average sized woman that means eating about 50g of protein per day. Though please be conscious and don’t eat a lot of protein just for the sake of it. Try to have a plan in mind. One solid portion of meat per day is often enough in terms of protein though having an egg in the morning may give you an extra boost which may also help. Also, if you are a vegetarian then things like soy and beans are a great substitute.

#2 Carbs

If you are eating more simple carbs, like things such as white rice, white bread and potatoes you could benefit from switching these to their whole grain alternatives. While there isn’t 100% solid evidence that this will help everyone is has helped some and this is probably due to complex carbohydrates being much healthier for you than their simple carbs alternatives.

 #3 Supplements

There are a few supplements out there that you may consider taking which can help lower your SHBG levels.

Boron – a dose of 10mg a day can help lower your SHBG levels. Though there is no direct evidence of this scientifically, though there are a host of people who say it has helped them.

Fish Oils – Fish oils have a slight estrogenic effect. Which basically means that they can help aid the development of the female reproductive system and other sex characteristics. So therefore, this effect is targeting the exact right area and is sure to help women get back to the right SHBG levels that they should be at.

Magnesium – There have been some studies that have displayed the link between taking magnesium and SHBG levels and testosterone levels. So, this is definitely a supplement to consider.

Vitamin D – there have been links between taking Vitamin D and lowering SHBG levels. Not only can taking it help this problem but also a host of other issues which you can read about here. The recommended dose is 15mg a day. Of course, the other option here is to get outside in the sun for 30 minutes a day. This will give you the same benefit.


Overall improving your general health and well being will often make your SHBG start to normalize itself over time. Though some of these suggestions should directly target the issue head on and will speed up the process. Best of luck and leave any questions in the comments section below.


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