Is Cracking Your Neck Bad ?

Is cracking your neck bad ?

I myself have the tendency to crack my neck almost every day, so I wanted to know for my own good if that was a good idea in the long run. I have gotten advice from professionals and done plenty of research to come to my own conclusion which I will explain further below.

When someone cracks their neck or any joint in their body it often comes with a relief like effect and almost a loosening effect at least when I do it myself. So, the question is how could something that feels good and seems to loosen up ones joint or in this case neck be a bad thing. I’m sure you have heard or even seen other people do it particularly from your younger days.

When you crack your neck, you will hear a pop sound – In joints you have fluid and gases – when you do that movement which your neck it forces the gases out and this is what causes the “crack” or pop sound.

But is it safe? It’s not 100% perfectly safe but for the vast majority of situations it should never cause any issues or problem for almost everyone. It is worth noting there have been a few very rare instances where a chiropractor did an adjustment and resulted in a stroke which was caused by creating a tear in an artery in the neck, though such a maneuver won’t be like your typical neck crack and is often applied with much more external force.

After a lot of my own research and advice the opinions seem to be mixed as to whether you should do it. Some people say that it’s good for the body as a way of stretching and some point to issues that could be caused like the one I mentioned above. There is no clear-cut decision which is the better option so you will have to make your own judgement.

As far as my own thoughts go I think stretching out the neck in a slower way without the more aggressive and jerking moving is the best idea. For me my neck will still crack but its more of a subtle stretch which is more natural and will undoubtedly be the better option in the long run!


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