How To Get Bigger Lips Permanently

How To Get Bigger Lips Permanently

One of the most famous celebrity transformations in recent times involves a social media star, who went from having a thin-lipped, puckered expression, to a full, plump pout. Not only did this fuel her transformation from a mousey, low key background character to a teenage millionaire who has her own line of cosmetics, but also firmly established a beauty standard of our times- fuller lips.

If you think about it, it’s downright funny. We spend so much money on cosmetics for eye make up, for contouring, for cover ups, but ignore the focus of everyone’s attention when we’re talking – our lips. A statement lip isn’t a new thing either. Classic reds and maroons are a classic for a reason, in a way purple or blue lipstick never will be able to be, apart from their novelty value. But while color is always useful, it’s a temporary fix, relying on layers and illusions of plumpness from gloss and glitter, that not only fades off quick, but also needs multiple reapplications. It shouldn’t be so hard to maintain the perfect smile. And it isn’t.

Here’s a quick rundown of the five best ways you can get your lips bigger, softer, fuller, and rounder, and permanently so! After all, you shouldn’t have to glop on half your lips every time you leave the house. You can achieve the same results, with no reapplications needed. These are the things I do every day and they are what has worked well for me.

How To Get Bigger Lips Permanently – My Top 5 Tips

#1 Cosmetics – Idol Lips

Many of you may already be familiar with Idol Lips. It’s a product frequently seen on TV, with multiple user reviews and success stories of people who got their lips to get bigger and fuller permanently. Still, let’s take a closer look at how this happens.

Idol Lips is a formulation of naturally derived products that causes the lips to grow plumper and healthier. Unlike injections or fillers, Idol Lips works from the surface inwards, promoting healthy lip tissue, and allowing the nourishing ingredients to be absorbed through the delicate skin covering the lips. The ingredients include power packed natural sources like Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil, Mango oil, and Palmitoyl oligopeptides. Each of these on its own is a popular ingredient in natural formulations to improve skin texture and quality. This is one of the reasons applying Idol Lips lets your lips absorb Vitamins E and C in large quantities, helping repair damaged and dried lip tissue, and regenerate and repair to visibly bigger and fuller lips.

This is also why multiple applications of Idol Lips per day help increase the process. And this development is permanent, unlike collagen fillers or Botox injections, which needed to be repeated every few months. And since it’s your own lips, it looks completely natural, too! No plastic surgery horror stories here! In addition, the Glycerin content helps remove discoloration from the lips, and even out deep wrinkles. It also moisturizes the lips to some extent. This effect is reinforced by Candelillia, a plant based waxy extract that locks the moisture into the lips, and prevents them from getting dry and chapped, even if they’re exposed to hot and dry weather conditions.

Idol Lips comes with a liquid lipstick like applicator and tube, which makes it easy to slip into your purse and reapply twice or thrice a day, even when you’re on the go.

#2 Natural Oils

Peppermint oil is known for its multiple uses, but causing the lips to get bigger is a lesser known property. Application of peppermint oil causes the lip tissue to receive increased blood supply. This makes the lips bigger, more flushed (and therefore also look rosier), and also softer. Peppermint oil is also cheaply available at multiple stores, and suits almost every skin type.

Capsicum oil works on a similar principle as peppermint oil, but the reaction it provokes is more due to irritation than due to stimulation. Unlike peppermint oil, capsicum oil causes slight inflammation of the lip tissue. Capsicum oil is derived from bell peppers, so while it doesn’t have the unbearable heat of chilis, it still causes a stronger tingling.

Cinnamon oil can also produce a lip enlarging effect. A few drops suffice as cinnamon is very powerful and a small amount is enough to cause a visible change. In fact, for all three oils, a few drops into a small tub of Vaseline suffice. That can be reapplied as required throughout the day.

The only downside to using natural oils is that the effect wears off with time, and every few hours, the lips start looking smaller again. Also, if capsicin oil is used, then it causes a strong burning sensation. In fact even Cinnamon may provoke an unpleasant or painful burning sensation in some individuals.

#3 Beeswax and Honey

While Botox is famous for its lip enlarging use, other bee-made products deserve some of the limelight, too. Honey is a natural conditioner that permeates the skin of the lips to smoothen them out, and beeswax provides a layer to protect the lips from drying out, not unlike a natural lip balm. Using them is very simple: With honey, you simply apply a thin layer onto your lips and leave it for half hour. You can do this every day. With beeswax, you apply it sparingly over your lips and massage it on. You can leave beeswax on overnight.

In fact, a very good technique is to massage the honey and beeswax in, while applying. This stimulates blood circulation in and around the lips, and provides mild exfoliation as well. After that, you can leave the honey on your lips for up to fifteen minutes, like a mask. The honey permeates through the sensitive skin covering the lips, which provides them with necessary minerals and enzymes to improve overall health. The advantage of using honey and beeswax is that it’s a fully natural and organic product. The disadvantage is that they show results very slowly. However, if you don’t mind a long-term solution, you can just walk to your kitchen and get started tonight!

#4 Massage

Facial massages are great for stimulating collagen growth and improving cell repair. Lip massages work the same, except that improved blood flow makes the lips look larger and softer as well. Any vitamin E rich oil is a good medium for massaging lips with. For example, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. You can add a drop of safe essential oils to the bottle to get a pleasant fragrance as well. Simply dip your index finger into the oil, or dab a drop onto your fingertip, and rub it onto your lips. You’d be surprised by how quickly oils get absorbed into the lips. Most of us moisturize far less than we should. The absorbed oils also produce a warm sensation, as massaging them in causes more blood to flow in and around the lips. Not to mention, the natural minerals and Vitamin E present in oil make the texture of the skin unbelievably better. You can even do this right before going to bed and leave the oil coating in overnight.

A very good thing to incorporate into your routine is to exfoliate your lips once a week. That, coupled with the oil massage, produces amazing results.

#5 Long Lasting Temporary Measures

There’s a lot of things you can do that won’t provide a permanent way to make your lips bigger, but the effects linger for few weeks. I’m sure all of you have heard of Botox to make the lips look plumper. It’s the go-to fix of many celebrities, and is always a topic of debate in the cosmetic industry.

While Botox is approved and safe to use, it is an injected compound, and the effect fades after 4-6 weeks. That necessitates a lot of upkeep and periodic injections become unavoidable, to keep appearances up. This is one of the reasons why some people get collagen fillers as well, to keep the effect for longer, but in the end, that needs maintainance as well. So while it may be a quick fix, it’s a pricey and somewhat short lived solution.

Lip masks are also very popular these days for the same reason. They create a sealed coating over the lips and aggressively hydrate for fifteen to thirty minutes, after which you can proceed with make up as usual over the newly plumped lips. Naturally the effect lasts only a couple of hours, but for an unexpected event, it’s a handy answer to the problem. In fact for a very short term fix, cosmetics are the best way to go. There are plenty of lip kits available on the market in a constellation of colors and textures, that make the lips appear bigger using contouring and gloss. These are definitely worth a try. You can use them in combination with formulations like Idol Lips as well, to take care of both short term and long term goals.

Making your lips bigger requires a little patience, but the end result is a sultry smile that’s completely worth all the effort!


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