Clove Benefits for Men

While cloves at first glance may not seems like that nutritious of an ingredient, having that assumption couldn’t be more wrong. If you didn’t know cloves come from the flower buds of a tree, a tree in the Mytraveae family. They come natively from places like Indonesia and are harvested in countries like Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to name a few. Cloves have a selection of benefits – let me get into them in more detail below.

Helps ease toothache

Clove are one of the best natural ways to ease a toothache or even after getting some dental work done. You would simply rub a little clove oil on your tooth and gums and it would ease the pain.  The active ingredient is one called methyl salicylate which has the same kind of effect as a painkiller would have. This is one of the most recognizable benefits that some people know well about.

Helps respiratory infections

Is meant to help with colds and flus primarily thanks to having the effectiveness of an expectorant that will help with bringing up phlegm and generally clearly the throat and airways. It has been also shown to have anti-fungal properties which protect against pneumonia and other infections(study here).

Ease muscle pain

Cloves are a great thing to use as a massage oil on sore muscles, they help with inflammation from arthritis and the like and also just with general muscle aches after a long workout session or whatever the case may be.

Helps with digestion

Because of cloves soothing effect on muscles and skin outside the body the same also applies to inside the body. Consuming some clove tea for example can help ease the whole digestion track and the stomach as well. Just start with a smaller amount to make sure your stomach can tolerate it before taking a larger dose.

More testosterone

While all the other benefits can be both applied for men and women this is one of the main clove benefits for men. Intaking a small number of cloves has been shown to boost testosterone levels. This will help with things like erections and more sensitivity due to the higher testosterone.

Intestines benefits

Has been shown to helps with things like diarrhea and bloating most probably because of the soothing effects it has on muscles and also the upper digestion system which also applies to the lower digestion tract as well.


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