How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally

How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally

All of us have wanted to change something or the other about our appearance, at some point. Whether it’s our weight, our height, or our shape, a change is often within reach. Some changes, however, are harder to bring about than the others. Hair color and eye color, for example.

Changing your hair color is a matter of how often you dye your hair, and how often you go in for touch ups and re-dyes. Depending on your hair color and the color you actually want, that can mean weekly or monthly parlor appointments. But when it comes to eye color, it’s a completely different story.

How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally – Ideas

Changing your eye color temporarily is easy. Pop in contact lenses, and you’re done. Whether you want a haunting, shimmering aqua, or warm, chocolatey brown – or a bright Hulk green, if you like that for a change – contact lenses are a great way to change your eye color for a short period of time. You can use them for parties, for dates, for the college day or the work place. But contact lenses come with their own set of problems.

For one, they cause the eyes to dry out faster than eyes normally do. This causes irritation of the eye and the surface of the sclera, since dust and debris can’t be cleared off. That triggers itching and gritty sensations in the eyes, and can predispose to eye infections, if the irritation persists. That’s a high price to pay for a small fix, especially one so short lived. Also, you are advised to use contact lenses only for a few hours, and not to wear make up or sleep with contacts in your eyes. That limits their functionality vastly. Additionally, they need to be kept very clean, as well as the hands and fingers should be clean when handling the contacts. Otherwise, dirty contacts turn into a vector for infection. This also applies to the size of the contacts, and the power. They need to be a suitable fit, to avoid future complications.

Eye color is decided by genes. Light colored eyes in shades of blue, green, and gray, contain lesser amounts of pigment than brown or black colored eyes. Permanently changing the eye color is possible, but not very drastically so, as eye color is ultimately genetically determined. However, there are some things you can do to naturally change the eye color as well.

Honey has been used since historical times for multiple medicinal purposes. Diluted honey can be used as drops in the eyes, to gradually lighten the eye color. While eye color doesn’t change completely, say from black to blue, the color does lighten and become brighter and lighter, with daily use of honey to naturally lighten the eyes.

The best kind of honey to use for this purpose, is raw beech honey. Raw honey is attributed more antiseptic properties than processed honey, but its mildly bleaching properties is what let it naturally lighten the eye color. The effect is subtle enough to be harmless, but effective enough to produce a visible and appreciable change. It’s very simple to mix raw honey with distilled water, and then using an eye dropper to instill the drops on a regular basis, at least once a day. This is actually because of small levels of Hydrogen Peroxide present naturally in honey. This amount is safe to use, which is why diluted honey is safe to use, even though Hydrogen Peroxide on its own isn’t safe for use in the eyes.

While honey is externally applied, there are ways to ‘internally’ trigger a change, too. Dietary influences play a delicate role in changing the color of the eyes naturally as well. Certain foods have been shown to produce a change in the shade of the eye. These include drinks like uva ursi tea and chamomille tea, and food and spices like Ginger,  certain meats, spinach, fish, honey, nuts, onions, and olive oil. While the results are never immediate with this approach, they are still undeniable. With meat, fish, and ginger, up to 60 days may be needed for a visible change. With regular use of nuts, this process is accelerated, but it’s better to eat raw nuts, rather than boiled or roasted nuts (even though they taste better sometimes!). The eye color-changing effects of olive oil are attributed to Linoleic acid content in the oil. When it comes to drinks, Chamomile and especially Uva Ursi tea cause relaxation and brightening of the eyes, in addition to multiple beneficial full body effects. The effect that spinach produces is thought to be because of Zeaxanthin and Iron content in the superfood.

Delving a little deeper than food or drink, some psychokinetic techniques have been attributed with producing changes in the eye color as well. Biokinetic techniques, channeled to change the eye color, haven’t been scientifically proven yet, but still have reported positive results in people.

In case you’re looking at a faster way to change eye color, though, surgical intervention is your friend. Certain eye procedures are approved options for producing a permanent change in eye color. As part of the procedure, a small, naturally neutral silicon disc in inserted under the cornea, which forms the basis of the new color. But if that seems like too huge an undertaking, laser treatments for color correction are only minimally invasive in comparison, while still producing a drastic change in color. Each eye is treated separately, and each eye is treated only once, and the result is often breathtaking. The fine tuned laser frequency breaks down the brown pigment in the irises, and produces a crystal clear, multifaceted color, that lenses or even honey treatments cannot produce. The procedure itself takes less than a minute, and produces its final effect by a maximum of 14 days.

Naturally, with all such approaches, a modicum of caution is advised. Surgical or laser procedurs have their own inherent risks, which is why a doctor’s opinion should always be taken beforehand, as well as during frequent follow ups afterwards.

Whatever your first choice is, it’s always cheering to remember that changing your eye color is fully doable and manageable. You can alter it to find the eye color you have always wanted- naturally!


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