What Can I Take for Joint Pain

What Can I Take for Joint Pain

If you are suffering from joint pain, subtle or strong we have got you the information you need to help you on your journey to relief and recovery. Let me explain.

There are a host of things you can take for joint pain. Both manmade products like ibuprofen/paracetamol that of which I won’t be covering here. I have a focus on natural products that I not only find are more effective that the typical drugs your doctor may prescribe but also, I find them more effective and they don’t have side effects at all which is another massive advantage.

What Can I Take for Joint Pain

The 1st Step – Curcumin


If you didn’t know curcumin is an ingredient which comes from turmeric, this part of the spice has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that can be as effective as some of the most powerful drugs and its all from the spice turmeric! If you are looking for immediate relief for pain I would recommend starting with curcumin. It is 100% natural and won’t upset your stomach like some of the typical dugs you may have taken.

There are a couple of curcumin supplements that I particularly like mainly because of how effective they are at fighting pain. The one I personally use most often is Curcumin 2000. It is one of the higher doses that is available and it’s so crazy effective even against extreme joint pain. It also has been extracted using an all-natural extraction process which is rare in a lot of other brands. The way they extract it means the end product maintains its effectiveness much better than the other extraction methods. They also have added some black pepper which greatly improves the overall effectiveness of the absorption which is an important element.

If you want a more detailed overview of curcumin supplements I like check out my Best Curcumin Supplement Reviews article.

The 2nd Step – Healing and Recovery


There are a host of different supplements which are effective at healing your joints to stop and ease the pain. There are a host of supplement such as glucosamine, ginger, MSM, white willow bark just to name a few that are extremely effective at healing these joints, so you get pain relief and the joints recover and heal in time. This recovery step is extremely important for the long term – taking a combination of these supplements alongside a good diet can work dreams for your joints and your overall health. I myself used to buy a host of these supplements individually and soon I ended up with 5-10 things to take a day which was a hassle at times to manage.

So, after some time I went on the hunt for a supplement which had a mixture of these different ingredients with the main benefits to aid and heal my joints. After some searching and testing I found Joint Advance. They offer a bottle for free, so I thought not why try them out and I did. They have a mixture of natural ingredients all which aids and heals your joints through a host of different means. You can check out all the ingredients on their website here. Over a period of a couple of weeks I really got a great improvement and only got better as time passed.  So today many months later – I still take them daily because they are all natural and my joints haven’t felt better. It’s also so convenient that I only have to take one of their pills a day – it keeps things simple which I like.

I hope these couple of tips help you are your journey to recovery, happy healing 😊

Products mentioned in this article –

Curcumin 2000

Joint Advance


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